In which I discuss five-year time jumps, editorial decrees and avoiding one's continuity from being Jengaed.
In which I discuss characters who know they're in comic books, coyote-peyote revelations and the challenges of gimmick-based writing.
In which I discuss the impossible delight of a great plot twist, a lack of Wham! influence and what Alan Moore did 35 years ago.
In which I discuss taking Batman seriously, non-illuminating sample panels and Nikola Tesla's colouring wrench
In which I discuss Cantorian loopholes of uncountability, purple-haired prototype Goggleboxers and things never being the same again.
In which I discuss teenage awkwardness, toy licensing deals and my indifference to Spider-Man costumes.
In which I discuss putting the 'comic' back in 'comic books', the power of issue numbers and the lack of sales impact of professional animal…
In which I discuss value for money propositions, pseudo-religion and geosynchronous orbits.
In which I discuss superhero ageing, parallel Earths and my favourite ever Batman story
In which I discuss the intersection of words and pictures, the grown-upification of superhero comics and Canadian forest monsters.
In which I discuss Superman: The Movie, the gullibility of children and rocketry ineptitude.
In which the project is introduced