Featuring Rob Reiner, hat factories, shouting gibberish and freneticism
Featuring little pigs, balloon rubbing, 213 and more mature approaches
Featuring angry demon emojis and show runners
Featuring Oscar Wilde, consistency in asking for a wicket, Piers Morgan rulings and Alfred Hitchcock
Featuring sleepiness and waking up to check the score
Featuring pop diva swing bowlers and Particle Man
Featuring ICC Tedious Banter Phrases rankings, sticking to your word, prop comedy and Labuschagne logic puzzles
Featuring complete defeat, comedy mojo and checkmating Pat Cummins
Featuring ploy sleeves, Glenn Phillips' sunglasses, smart citches and Weisz and Bergman
Featuring trendily slowing down for a century, Maxwellball, DLS bowling figures and merciful gods
Featuring obviously untrue statements about scrutiny and maintaining toss dignity
Featuring going Full Poochie, the K-1000 and shrinking rays